Wednesday, April 21, 2010

up & running ye!...

remember the other day i was so emo, that make me wanted to listen to all those feeling² kinda thingy. i was so down. i looked so happy outside, but not inside me. well i am glad that its all over now, and everything seems to be fine and ok as usual.

to cut the story short, i was at mr z's place at amcorp apartment suite, over the weekend alone. i was chatting with "him" that saturday night, and was truly disappointed when i found out that "he" two-time me! and believe me or not, i was chatting with a wrong id people for god's sake! walaweiii... how on earth that could be happened(?).

we had a good chat-cum-discussion on skype yesterday. it was real funny though, when i bombarded him with harsh words for "the stupid thingy" that he has done for hours i tell you. while he was puzzled of what i was mumbling about LOL! i even asked him whether he chose "her" or me. he was obviously more stunned, and shocked; seeing me overreact. then finally when i mentioned about "the chat"... he was like huh?!! the chat?!! *glurp*

so people, here's some lessons that we could learn:
  1. don't simply jump into conclusion before you find out the truth!

  2. be very careful of with whom you get in touch online i.e. to ensure that you chat with someone that you really know. in this case, i chatted with a stranger... hiks!

and now that everything seems to be ok, i shall blog about the saturday's event very soon! hehee...