Monday, April 12, 2010

no strings attached

'no strings attached' by 'n sync

imagine a world of wireless electricity, where plugging in a power-cord to charge your mobile, mp3 player or laptop becomes obsolete. with growing electronic gadgets at our disposal, there is the need to develop a new means of power transmission. but how close are we to the practical replacement of the power cord, and what are the physical constraints that need to be circumvented before it becomes a daily household commodity?

the principle of electromagnetic induction is responsible for energy transmission between the transmitter and the receiver. energy can be transmitted and received over a large distance, but for maximum power transfer, the two inductors have to be placed close to each other. the system works on the phenomenon of resonance, i.e. when two objects of similar frequency are placed next to each other they exchange energy strongly without effecting the nearby objects.


take WiGGY – a revolutionary USB WiMAX modem that incorporates advanced technologies to deliver a new level of on-the-go broadband performance. its a breakthrough internet device in one compact package delivering speeds that completely redefines what users can do online. it was also designed specifically to meet the needs of demanding next generation internet users who want reliable high-speed upload and download speeds that are able to cater for an emerging trend where people are uploading as much content as they are downloading. and the most important thingy is: you do not need extra wires and such to be connected!

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