Tuesday, April 13, 2010

al-fatihah to cikgu yuwan


pic taken on 11 november 2008, at the school's hari anugerah cemerlang. she was of course invited.

i just got back from visiting my late malay language teacher in primary school, cikgu yuwan; who died in alor star at ± 5.30 pm yesterday of ovarian cancer. they scheduled to bury her at the nearby cemetery at 10 am. i had to go back straight after the visit as i have my red flag now, and prohibited to go there *sigh*

i dunno why that i feel so down today. when i wanted to leave the house this morning with my mom, i thought that i wanna be kewl and stay strong. but i can't help it, really. i still had my tears running from my big eyes. luckily i had my sunglasses on. this sad news really 'touched' me.

i know, everyone from the school remember her as the one who always sang 'widuri' during teachers'/children's day and such. she was the school's headmistress for a few years before she left in 2002/03 if i am not mistaken for a primary school in lubuk merbau until present. her youngest daughter is same age with puteri. i will bring puteri to visit her later after school.

although we love cikgu yuwan so much, but Allah loves her more... RIP.