Saturday, April 17, 2010

this one first~


as you people could see, some of you may know that i was there at gatsby deodorant steet fair. i am still in the mid of uploading/editing the pics from my oly anyway. so the blog post should be up anytime soon.

at first i thought that i wanna gate-crashed a line dance party held at ttdi community hall, right after i finished with the above' event. unfortunately i was too tired for that. and since it was raining, i guess that its better if i go straight back home. and if i did also~ i will be charged more than usual by the taxi drivers. you know: kl! anyhow like i tweet earlier, i not just forgot to bring shoes for the gatsby street fair, but i also didn't bring any dancing shoes!

so once i reached kl sentral, i bought burger king take-out for dinner; before i continued my journey. relaxing at home is much more better... besides that, i so lovin' the fast internet speed here~ heaven! *peace*