Thursday, April 22, 2010

my dream destination

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alright, i lurve talking about holidays~ its definitely the best thingy to do! and let me tell you people this... my dream destination is none other than wien, in austria, definitely. its actually the german name for vienna. and the names of the city in most languages, are thought to be derived from the celtic name of a settlement, but opinions vary on the precise origin. some claim that the name comes from "vedunia", meaning "forest stream", which subsequently became venia, wienne and wien. others claim that the name comes from the name of the roman settlement vindobona, probably meaning "white base/bottom", which became vindovina, vídeň (czech) and wien. source: wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

why wien? well, i have a major reason of why i need to visit the place someday. you will find out about it sooner or later here in my blog as the time goes...

basically, if you are seeking a "royal" city with a grand reputation, wien should be on your list of places to visit. not only is wien filled with must-see historical attractions, but its cultural and musical offerings are delightful. the city’s restaurants are excellent, while the shopping is ubiquitous and luxurious. live music, a theme for which wien is known so well, is available at many venues throughout the imperial city.

by the way, understanding wien's past will help you to appreciate why today’s city is so special.

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