Thursday, March 18, 2010


hey people!

omigosh! i abandoned you for so long... everyone kept asking me to update my blog and i am so sorry... hah! so here's some updates like what i could think off right now~

  1. i have quite a number of back-dated blog post in my blog' draft folder. and as i mentioned many times before, that will be coming out no matter what. so please bear with me if you find them annoying.

  2. my darling puteri and handsome megat are growing up fast! that most people really thought we are siblings instead of mother and her children. i know i know the last pic of them was seen here during the last hari raya. you could obviously look for it in the archives :)

  3. i feel like shit now for many reasons actually.

  4. i think i have turned into a fb and twitterholic; believe me its not a compliment. so this is the answer of why it's been quite some time i didn't blog warggghhhhhhhhhh!!!...

  5. a friend and i opened a line dance studio since last 2 february. i am so proud of ourselves. i have created a blog here, but i am afraid its nothing much there yet.

  6. i guess i lost my capabilities to learn german as i didn't get good support and encouragement from mr z. duh(?!!)...

  7. i want new clothes.

  8. i need a dancing shoes for me to enjoy my linedancing more.

  9. i am loosing my patience.

i guess that's it for now. i donno whether i will post frequent updates but i will try my very best.


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