Monday, March 15, 2010

my favourite surfing spot~

the best place for me to surf online is of course from the comfort of my own bedroom! i can just switch-on my dell, connect to the cyber world with my maxis usb broadband, and voila! simple as that.

like now, believe it or not: i am still in my pj's... lying down here on my antique bed ahh... heaven! monday blues huh?!! sort of i guess. its kind of a lazy monday for me today. PLUS its school holidays people!!! nothing to rush here and there *phew*

and another thingy best when you have your own usb broadband, you can bring it anywhere you go and you can surf online from wherever you are. for an example when i went to malacca last week; at first i did try to connect my dell via the hotel's wifi, but when i found that its rather slow, i quickly connected it with my usb broadband instead as long as i know that the place have an easy 3G connection :)

so if you ask me, my choice of connection is definitely the usb broadband better!

or maybe this portable broadband:


like i mentioned earlier, its easy to bring along whenever and wherever i go!

and what about your favourite surfing spot people. care to share with me?

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