Friday, March 19, 2010

the day i only renewed my driving license today!

we were on the way back from kuala lumpur, when almost reaching ipoh that i remembered~ i still haven't renew my driving licence *glurp* and the best part was that even my dad dunno that it has been expired since 25 february. well its not that i simply dili-deli until i seems to forget to do it. i had the pic ready last week though :)

sometimes i feel like we must have at least not one but two reasons for us to do things out of our normal routine. like in my case, i prefer to renew my driving license myself; not through third party~ its rather quick where you will get it there and then. besides that you are also paying for the fees only, without any service charges by a third party! see- you can save some bits there for other thingy. and to make sure these were done efficiently, i chose to go to jpj office in ipoh. take note that there's no jpj office in kuala kangsar.

we reached ipoh around 11am, just on time before their long-hour lunch break on friday from 11.45 am to 2.45 pm *phew* and since the location (jalan kompleks sukan) is not that far from north ipoh interchange, i likeeeee...

my dad and kids waited in the car as we knew that it gonna take me a very short while only. upon reaching the office, i had to take a number first as its on a first-come-first-serve basis system. it took me quite some time to dig my old driving license from my wallet before i could get the number... walaweiii!!! the officer at the numbering counter teased me some more, "awat lama beno nak ambik lesen nye". then i thought: hey! watch your mouth. you are dealing with a blogger. this gonna be in my blog. now there you go... ;P


front part of my old driving license - go here to get a rough idea of why my pic in the license look aren't that good :(


and that was also the reason of the old one being a duplicate copy instead.

i didn't have to wait long for my turn. they have about 9 officers in charge at the respective counters. i was kinda shocked though when i was asked to pay RM150 for a 5 years driving license. that means the fees has been increased from RM20 to RM30 per year. its not a problem actually. but it showed of how back-dated i was! heheee...


yours truly showing the world her new driving license

kuE' note:
lessons learned here is to get the correct facts the next time you wanna approach any counter. luckily i had enough cash in hand then... hiks!