Monday, March 22, 2010

no sweat

if you happened to be on my blog recently, you may have realized it that i am so into line dancing so much (watch it here)! line dancing for me, is part of an exercise activities; besides having fun by dancing to the good music. when we do this, we intend to sweat; just like any other exercise routine. as we could see sweat is uncountable drops of salty liquid that come out through your skin when you are hot, frightened, ill, or doing exercise.

some of us may have problems with the body odour when sweat. hey! no sweat! no problems at all when we go for this—


adidas action 3!

adidas action 3 is available in an intensive formula for normal skin, sensitive for reactive skin or fresh for a cooling sensation on normal skin. this spray on deodorant offers superior 24-hour protection from wetness and odour. it's also an alcohol free and dermatologically tested.

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