Monday, January 02, 2012

kick off 2012 with project 365

second day of the brand new year, also the last day of me got to enjoy my long leaves. i was in dilemma at first whether to stay at home and get ready for my work day tomorrow. or bring my asus notebook to any cool starbucks outlet to hang-out and chillax while updating my blog and such. then on another thought i was like: hey, its better i just be at home, nothing to rush, and at the same time out of a sudden i was inspired to create my project 365. its still not too late for that now though. if some of you still remember i did it before. unfortunately it stopped half-way huhuu... insya-allah this time its for real!

i stumbled somewhere some time ago some people mistaken this project 365 as something that must be posted daily duh! now i remember its kenwooi! read his comment here. its basically a project to take one picture a day for a whole year. it’s not required to start on the 1st of january, but it’s an easy beginning date for some. there also isn’t a set way to do it, but many take up the challenge and focus on self-portraits. it’s not as easy as it sounds and some really good photographers even fail at finishing *glurp*

photography web site photojojo suggests documenting your life by taking a photo every day for a year. the author gives a few reasons why you might want to do this, most compelling to me being:

your year-long photo album will be an amazing way to document your travels and accomplishments, your haircuts and relationships. time moves surprisingly fast.

you take a picture of anything (the photojojo post suggests varying your themes) and post it somewhere (like flickr) where you can keep all 365 of your photos. i found a better way to upload mine here. one thingy for sure don't confuse with the user id at the site, as i intend to share it with my closed family and friends too. so i guess its fair enough to do it that way... ツ

as photo uploading gets easier and cameraphones get better, the commitment required to do something like this isn't that bad. alternatively, if you have a webcam or something along those lines on your computer (like an iSight), going the picture of yourself every day route seems even easier. so if either of these ideas trip your trigger, it's time to get documenting.

if you have ever taken on similar photo-documenting projects, share them with your fellow bloggers in the comment box.