Sunday, January 01, 2012

good & bad start...........

first of all, happy new year 2012 everyone... may all lives in peace and harmony, and have more success in the future. its norm this wish have been posted everywhere ― text, social media sites, etc. and i am glad to be one of them who are still able to do it, all thanks to Him.

so how's your new year celebration people. i end-up being all alone in this part of the world. i just dunno why on earth he did that to me. i know being a single mother is uneasy, especially to go out for a date. he was the first one to ask me about the long weekend. alright, fine. i did ask him again early this week to reconfirm. if not i could have just make other plans. right? since he said its confirmed, i still blocked it for him. well he called me up mid-day on the new year eve. we talked about some plans meeting other friends. and since i am not comfortable with them, he asked my consent for him to reject their invitation and wanted to call me again later of the day. too bad i didn't hear nothing from him again. hey! i know you are a nice guy but why did you do this to me. be a gentleman will you, and act something like make-up with me or something duh!

at this time puteri and megat were with my sisters and cousins respectively. i spent first part of my long holidays (yes, i was on long holidays from the day i went to jb and will start work on this coming tuesday), with them and thought would be good to have some time for myself too! i know i know i owe lots of blog post, from how i started my life in kl, my kids' and many more. this will be in my to-do list for 2012 new year's resolutions.

anyhow let bygones be bygones i wanna create all new for this time around:
  • a surprised note from a senior's bbm really surprised me this morning. was that a good start for moi or what. guess i shall leave it till everything confirm and i ensure to blog about it then. at least there's more blog post here hehee...

  • i wanna reactive blogging for sure. i assume given almost a year being in kl should be good enough for me to cope with my surroundings *winks*

  • got to make sure to save again on our (kids and mine) asb monthly no matter what! 2011 has been a tough year on my financial really. so i have to give it a go for the betterment of our future for now..............

  • besides line dancing i wish to get back in to my sport shoes for my morning walk. i did it for the first time since i am in kl last friday, at the klcc park! it was awesome i tell you. it was really a good start for myself.

  • as i wrote here i love the old school ways of getting and receiving greeting cards via snail mail. do you know the blog post has been published in the lifestyle pullout of sunday star. so if you are with me, do email me your name and snail mail address. i would love to do it with you no matter what seasons i.e. cny, eid mubarak, deepavali, christmas etc. or wherever you are in the globe!

  • not forgetting, to be more success in my life, work and everything insya-Allah.