Monday, September 26, 2011

surprise, surprise!...

it was early in the morning today when i was already busy at my desk, a colleague who just came-in told me that i was wearing the same with ula, one of our team members. i was like: "haaa(?!!!)..." freaked-out! panic! then she continued, "same colour, black and white..." *phew*

what a tremendous surprise people... ula and i were wearing same colour, and what a nice match in two different styles. check-out our shoes too! one in white and another in black... LOL! ツ


i dunno what will be happened if i were to come the same with other people. i will surely feel embarrassed i tell you... i positively could say one of us will go out of the office immediately and headed straight to the nearest mall to buy a new clothes so that we won't look the same again hehee... women you know... we are so different from guys, who won't really care about this i think. correct me if i am wrong.

so tell me people whether you faced this incident before especially same clothes... hah! please, do share it with us...