Thursday, September 29, 2011

the day i knew there's national coffee day...

its all thanks to social media these days news spread-out in no seconds at all... if not how did i find-out its 'national coffee day' today!

i tweet/posted on fb the other morning asking about the truth of bombing news in subang(?) i read via my twitter. an uncle responded in less than 20 minutes that it was a combined explosions of leaked commercial gas in the gas storage underneath the ground floor of the empire shopping gallery in subang jaya.

so its the national coffee day today. americans are scrambling to grab their free cup of coffee. although its nothing happened here, i as a coffee lover ensure i drank coffee and nothing else, just for the joy of celebrating the day. nonetheless for a coffee lover like me, everyday is a coffee day for us anyway.


My conspiracy theory is that the big coffee chains started it as a smart way of promotion — hey, there is a food day, so why not a National Coffee Day? It sounds fun anyway!

So sorry, in short I don’t have an answer for you on the origin but if you do know about the history of this event please drop a note below.

happy coffee day everyone!...