Saturday, September 24, 2011


it was earlier in the evening when i came back from shopping at bukit bintang, i realized everyone were tweeting about their childhood life with hashtag #SayaGenerasi. at first i read some. then i thought i must do it too. i dunno who started it basically. but don't you think it's kinda cool to remember the childhood memories we had. here's mine in the order i posted/tweet~

  1. learned music with kak ina's father, cikgu razak. and tomorrow, ada ke bang nuor gonna remember her, huhuu... #SayaGenerasi

  2. wonders whether t-put a.k.a. rozy remembers: a-ha, bros, curiosity killed the cat, rick astley... #SayaGenerasi

  3. berdandan dua, panjanggggg... when she was in standard one #SayaGenerasi

  4. always remember her standard one teacher, cikgu sabariah: "daba-li-u [W]" #SayaGenerasi

  5. belajar mengaji with hamidah's (her batch in primary) mom. balik jalan kaki, selalu kena tinggal dek her cousin bros, sudahnya deme kena marah hahaa... mike ingat tak abang ayi #SayaGenerasi

  6. also remembers: jem & the hologram, she-ra the princess of power, punky brewster, smurf, little house on the prairie, to name some... #SayaGenerasi

  7. played konda-kondi, galah panjang, police sentry... budak sekarang? jom Nuffnang ajak bloggers play all these someday... #SayaGenerasi

  8. don't think kids these days know what is 'ais kepal' (iced balls). but she remembers ali mamak didn't have to use the bowl to shape it! kan?... ;P #SayaGenerasi

  9. so proud of her non-muslim friends who can read & write jawi, thanks to kelas jawi in primary school #SayaGenerasi

  10. was a die-hard fan of donny & marie osmonds: daddykins had to play the cassette non-stop for our balik kampung journey from johor to kuale #SayaGenerasi

i in fact shared the same in my fb wall too. as everyone knows when we posted something interesting there sure you will get lotsa responses. so if you have something to share about your childhood life too, do let me know by leaving comments here.