Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sharing is caring

...knows there's no such thingy as xmas in sept (xmas in july, yes) but who cares she glad she makes many ppl not just loved ones, happy 2day ❤

i tweet that last night.

we have all heard from an early age… ‘sharing is caring’. toys, ice cream, a hug… you name it.

in today’s world, sharing is all about the ‘like’, ‘tweet’, ‘+1′ and ‘stumbles’. as such, first, i email to all the team members in the office of the subway malaysia vouchers i received. as i find only some of them interested i shared about it to the outside world too via fb and twitter. they were all gone by evening!


it was subway malaysia’s fault of delivering our delivery order late by close to an hour on last 2 fridays. i was rather angry as many times i warned them that they gonna served foreign customers! and when i called the store the other day to ask for the original receipt, how lucky i was i got to speak with the owner itself. she apologized to me of what had happened. thus she gave me quite a number of their vouchers. i kept some for my boss too. and when i handed the vouchers to him, he thanked me. and of course we had a quick talk of how on earth i was able to get those vouchers. not one. not two. but a lot. its really quite a sum that i have to share. if not, don’t tell me i must eat subway sandwiches everyday till the due date… ahaks! yes, many people asked: how you got it? don’t ask. how many do you have? don’t ask. if you wish to have it, i will give it to you. but of course i don’t have any now. i only have one left anyway for moi. that’s what my boss advised me— to keep one for myself since i took care and handled everything well… he also commented jokingly that i may look small but fierce (kecil-kecil cili padi*, you know?) and i have a big heart. aw… thank you so much sir…

*kecil-kecil cili padi, is a malay expressions literally means: do not underestimate its hotness though the bird pepper is small in size. so size doesn’t matter?

alright, talking about sharing, when we share, we break out of the boundaries of our ego and recognise the humanity of the other. sharing breeds inter-dependence, happiness and harmony. for a planet with limited resources, sharing is the way forward.

there are three kinds of givers in the world: the stone, the sponge and the honeycomb. to get anything out of a stone, you must hammer it; even then it only yields chips and sparks. to make a sponge part with the water it holds, you must squeeze it. the harder you squeeze the more you get. then there is the honeycomb, from which sweetness overflows. this unattributed saying beautifully sums up how we humans abounding with attachment, and fraught with emotion, share what we consider our own.