Tuesday, October 05, 2010

this blog is belongs to a 'babe'

when i saw the message left by 'MyBeauty' in my chat box, i wonder whether he/she is a truthful people that really knows of what is the meaning of 'dude'(?)... hah! i doubt that although you stumbled in to my blog for the first time, i am very sure that you could guess the blog owned by a female. i don't think it looks masculine enough to show that this blog belongs to a man! or else he/she was a hacker! i don't even dare to click on the link provided ☹


so here's the interpretation of 'dude' as per AudioEnglish.net :

• DUDE (noun)
The noun DUDE has 2 senses:
1. an informal form of address for a man
2. a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
Familiarity information: DUDE used as a noun is rare.

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basically "dude" is a slang term for a man, first used by cowboys. "dudette" is sometimes used as a slang term for a woman in surfer slang.

dudes were originally the same as fops - men who dressed in the latest fashion without regard for practical clothing. cowboys meant this term as an insult - surfers changed the meaning around and began using it as a friendly term for any male.

**more explanations on 'dude' can be read here

to: 'MyBeauty'

whoever you are, i am a babe, occay?!!...

babe is a very loosely used word these days. i get called "babe" and "baby" by guys AND girls that i am friends with.

i will admit i don't like it when somebody i don't know calls me by these names. but for friends it is fine.

remember - actions speak louder than words!