Saturday, October 02, 2010

the day i had a very simple lunch~

yes i could say that this must be a very simple lunch i have ever had so far. i obviously not on a diet (take note that my current waist is 25½" hiks!) but this is enough for now: starbucks' crème brûlée frappuccino® with sunny side egg sandwich... ツ


alright the good thing about this easy-peasy lunch was the sandwich used wholemeal bread. and the bad thing: the drink was sooooo sweeettttt i tell you, of course because of the crème brûlée. but i love it that the coffee taste still there. so i saved RM10 for the voucher that i got from CIMB recently, not forgetting a RM2 discount for using my own tumbler.

p/s see you all later nuffnangers!