Wednesday, October 06, 2010

the early morning breeze has a secret to tell you~

current mood: blessed

i rolled over at 4:23 am. in my mind i counted the hours of sleep. as i did the math in my head i wondered if it was enough to sustain me through out the day. however, once my mind got into motion i knew that returning to 'la-la land' would be a challenge so i got up. i opened all the room windows and smelled the fresh-air. the skies are still dark as night, the streets are quiet and i don't even hear the rumblings of my early bird neighbors. this is why i sometimes love the darkness that begins the day. i believe that it is God awakening you so that something important can be revealed to you during this time. most of us resent having our sleep disturbed when we would be better off listening to spirit and moving into action. today, i decided to be obedient so i am up.

it is october 6th and 2011 will soon be upon us. i love this time of the year. it is not because of the hoildays, but moreso because of the idea of 'new beginnings'. the new year offers us a chance to start again or at least it seems that way. even as i type this short entry i am distracted by my desire to declutter my place, reorganize things and begin writing out my goals. i want to write letters of apology, forgiveness and gratitude. while in pj recently i met the most incredible human being, a fascinating individual who has shifted my paradigm in ways that i did not expect. we had simple conversations, yet they were so impactful. i began to ask myself certain questions and as the answers came i was able to return to kualé with so much clarity. now, i need to pray for the courage to act on what i feel, what i know.

i am itching to sort laundry and unpack my bags, yes, didn't do much yesterday. but am thinking of what my angel said to me about approaching life as a pursuit of wins. i am unable to clearly articulate his point, but he used the example of how many successful comedians die sad, lonely and depressed as a way to make his point. eish! i really want to write his explanation, but it has left my head. the mind is playing tricks on me this morning. maybe it is just too early. lol. i must remember to ask him when we speak again so i can share the insight. anyway, i think this is my cue to focus on creating order in my home right now. i just got back. be well. stay warm.