Sunday, November 22, 2009


yes!!!... this is a very quick one~

i went to penang the whole day yesterday for 2009 penang international line dance carnival people! it was no doubt a very great one, truly organized well enough for an international event. but only one thing that i would like to complaint about it. well i guess i will wait for an another blog post before i tell you, that i will type specially for the event.

i started my sunday early because i am going to ipoh in a few hours with some line dancing friends to learn 1malaysia line dance fuhhh... what a sunday to start it early huh?!! anyhow if you follow me on twitter here, i am sure that you already knew by now that i have been active with line dancing events here and there. yes... i guess i mentioned this before— although i seldom blog nowadays, twitter (which is also known as mini-blog) helps a lot. in fact i have so many thingy to blog actually, yet i had so lil' time to do it huhuu...

so at the meantime, i will leave you people with some beautiful *glurp* pics of my trip to penang by ferry. i think the last time i took the ferry was during my school days hehee... that's why i decided to take the ferry instead. ok okie... more story-mory later...




penang bridge of course!


camwhore is a must for a blogger like me!



and at this point, the ferry staff already asked me to get back to the car for us to unboard(?) the ferry.