Sunday, November 08, 2009

knows our way online...

warning: this blog post is certainly not to bring down anyone or anything. but it is thoroughly meant to remind everyone of the consequences in their action online. so do think wisely before you do any sort of things~

i was reading my twitter live feed earlier, when i clicked a link that was referring to local celebrities gossips by @amir_izwan just for the fun of it. and to my surprised, the website's favicon image is owned by SocialSpark!

blogging & law conference have said it all. although not everyone had the chance to attend it, but to steal other people's stuff are certainly not kewl...

so to whoever the site owner, its good that you replace it with other of your own asap. or worst come to worst don't use any for the time being until you create one of yours! where it will indicate your true identity... jmtc.

*more to come: my line dancing activities...


kuE' note:
group pic above has been taken at a line dance party in ipoh last night, courtesy of a new line dancing friend kenny :))