Wednesday, November 11, 2009

cafè world


my oh my... i should have posted this last friday as mentioned in the earlier blog post; but never mind lor as long as i still remember lol...

so as you could see cafè world is one of zynga's most played online games nowadays. i wanted to share a couple tips in cafè world that i read about and trying that will work well for you and get you advanced thru the levels faster. instead of using a cheat that can make you banned, you should play with these simple cafè world tips and tricks to gain xp points and earn money fast:


first thing is, i would make sure that i have as simple cafè as ever but its still looks nice and neat. i don't like fancy stuff much in my real life anyway. you could see in my two examples above and below of 6 november and tonight respectively.

see... i do not have much things in the cafè. i only go for simple items like ming chair to match my ciao table and ming timbers flooring. even my stoves are those of simple one too. these things don't cost much. and if you realized it my doors were actually free. the orange roses were gifts from 'neighbours'. like i said earlier, the most important thing is of how to reach the levels faster.


  1. setup your counters so your waiters will be blocked in (look at mine as an example), but make sure the cook can still reach them to place food on them from the stoves. what this does is save time for the food to be served. instead of waiting for waiters to walk around serving food and clearing dishes. they can magically do it all behind the counters if they can't get to the tables. and serving is so much faster, so customers won't walk out because they waited too long.

  2. don't let food get spoiled. i had to look this up and found out that food from your stoves will spoil after the same period of time it takes to cook them. plan what you want to cook and when you can be back to check on it and place them on the counters. for example, cooking cheeseburgers takes 5 minutes. if you let it set after its done, they will spoil 5 minutes after they finish cooking. the same goes for every dish.

  3. add more doors to get more costumers get in.

  4. how to close the cafè, so you can cook up lots of food to fill up your counters~ i love this one because i get annoyed trying to keep up getting food on the counters. and if customers don't get food, they walk out and you lose on your buzz rating. if i run out or get low, the trick is to click on the cogs and go into customize mode and move a chair in front of the door, or put the door back in inventory. in other words, don’t leave your cafè open with no dishes to serve. put the doors back when the dishes are ready. in this way, you will keep your buzz rating up.

  5. time pot roasts, chicken and other dishes that take a day or two to all finish at about the same approximate time that you know you can be around. that way you have 100's, if not thousands of servings ready to go.

  6. tables and chairs: try and keep up with as many available chairs and tables as you can fit for more customers. they need a place to sit and eat so you can make money. if they can't, they leave and your buzz rating goes down. i maybe bought a few too many, but at least i'm not running out of tables and having customers walk out.

  7. send gifts to your friends so you can get some back. visit your friends daily and leave tips for them so they would be glad to tip you too. besides that invite more people to be your neighbours on cafè world. the more neighbours you have, the more money you would get from the daily bonus.

i'll find more tips and share them. hope this helps.