Friday, November 11, 2011



sup peeps!...

so everyone have been talking about this unique and exclusive date i could say: especially quite a number of couples tying the knot.

some of you guys may be heading or already in the mid of partying. and here i am all alone today on this historical date. at first i thought wanna go out for drinks alone and try whatever. but on an another thought i am still down with what had happened recently. how dare he do this to me. now leave me alone...

i will be out of the city from tomorrow anyway ― far out. reason: clearing my annual leaves. i might be joining my family until wednesday or thursday. there's no proper planning of what i am gonna do for the rest of the week actually. anyone need company? this mind and souls prefer a place that's really out of place i.e. no hustle and bustle. whatever holla me.

enjoy your 11-11-11 people... i am signing off from here.