Saturday, October 08, 2011

the day i feel blessed i have my own place...

the day is almost over. i should have gone to a line dance party that is being held now somewhere on the other part of the city. and to think there's no more rapidkl bus services by the time the party over, i decided not to go with some good excuses i.e. grand auntie just passed away last thursday and that, i have to give some due respect to her. in fact links, pics, about it have been posted and shared in my fb page. so my line dancing friends should have known the proof there... *winks* i am not keen in taking taxi as i find the prices are damn ridiculous! but if in certain case maybe. i don't want to take the risk of going back home alone on a taxi at late night. would you, ladies?

anyhow i did text someone dearie who apparently stays near the hall ― told her about the party and my intention to sleep-over at her place after the party is over. i have promised myself, if ok, i will go off as early as i can... there was no response after an hour. so i told myself if by 2:00 pm or 2:30 pm there's still nothing from her, i would better stay at home. and now is close to 7 hours since i asked her. i doubt she's into the idea. if not for sure she answers me immediately or so. its alright. i know where i stand.

luckily i managed myself accordingly last 3 weeks ― when i attended a company annual dinner, that was held near her place as well. and that... will be written in an another blog post.

i stayed with my lil' sister when i first started to work here in the city last end january. it was not easy. her place is very far. i had to follow her to a lrt station and take it from there and the list went on... this is the time where i feel blessed i have my own place. although i am sharing with a friend, but still, i am all on my own... one of the advantages of staying alone is our life and whatever we do can be more flexible. i totally agree with earl's 101 reasons to stay single. his points are all oh so true!

on the other hand, yes, i have to be alert no matter whenever or wherever i am.

to all single gals and ladies out there, here's an important message i shared from a fb friend―

be safe peeps wherever you are... xx