Friday, April 01, 2011

friday favourite: ailera stone

someone has been complaining that i haven't blog for such a long time. 3 months i must say? well if any of you follow me its all because of the malware thingy duh! i have tried to do everything in every way but the blog still didn't work. so i gave up! and recently that someone asked. i was like- eh! you can see it now? so... ok! here i am again.

i thought of this idea of posting my 'friday favourite' on fridays. it could be anything or whatever that i like to share with all of you. soon or later you will get to know of how i come out with this. in the meantime, let's start it out:

what can't you love about these images? dreamy, warm, romantic and feminine - it's all about the wonderful thing on earth that made me fell in love with my first friday favourite: ailera stone. to see another part of the world from her eyes (she's a lithuania-based young photographer) is something essential for self-retreat. her blog is also very genuine and full of emotions captured on the lens... you're my first friday favourite, stone.