Monday, February 01, 2010

al-fatihah to uncle sabree

thanx to twitter, i tweet about this earlier before hand. it was kinda easy-peasy; as i just forwarded a text that i received from a dad's friend, pak pian.

uncle sabree passed away this morning around 1 am. our condolence to his family, and may he rest in peace...

uncle sabree was well known to kualè and the surrounded area, with his kind of songs on kualè of course. check-out the song of 'masa kecilku di kampung karai' (my childhood life in karai village) — its all well mentioned in the song, of his way of life.

in his life, uncle sabree not just performed at weddings but also at corporate functions, not forgetting at istana iskandariah too. he also performed in my school many years ago for some functions. a dad's friend even brought him to australia for his son's wedding!

i know, uncle sabree will be missed by kualè people indeed. RIP.

and now, let me leave you people with another song by uncle sabree~ 'jangan dok mengata orang'. enjoy!...