Sunday, March 25, 2012

line dancing ― my fun exercise

i saw a tweet by churp churp yesterday asking whether we have submitted an entry for their next movie screening. normally i would see the movie name first before i do it. i was thinking its been quite some time i didn't go for one, besides i merely active in blogging too. yea... its been off and on since i promised myself, for my new year resolutions i remember. but sometimes things when crappy i got no choice to change it a bit. and now, my blog went 'live' again after less than 2 months or so. i will blog about it in an another post.

and here's my entry for the #StreetDance2

bet no one here aware about line dancing!............ and such its my favorite types of dance indeed― because line dance now is not just about country music, its involved all genre of music i.e. hip hop, jazz, latin, cha cha, jive, you name it~

line dancing is fun. it is good to exercise. this way i can have some regular exercise and enjoy myself too. i find it more enjoyable than just sweating at the gym. there is great music to dance to and it hardly seems like exercise at all. don't worry about not sweating it out as the more energetic dances will ensure you do. there are line dance parties i can attend as well where you can dance to your heart's content. it is great way to make new friends too.

with line dancing i don't have to worry about lack of a partner or that i would be stepping on the toes of my partner. i find most dance class students are women whatever the dance. ballroom dancing means i would have to look for a partner and they really are a scarce bunch! so i go for line dancing any time.

take fake ID from the movie footloose 2011 for an example. for you to know, its actually a line dance choreographed by jamal sims. you could browse the official video on youtube. but here i include a video from a yearly line dance event my line dancing friends and i attended last december, in jb! we are real line dancers trying to have some fun with the dance... ツ

there's a lot more to brag about line dancing actually. i could go on, and on, and on..... or else watch out for this label in my blog.